The 10 Golden Rules of Painting

  1. Select the appropriate product and colour.
    Consult your paint retailer, Tikkurila product brochures and painting guides or our web pages.

  2. Plan the job carefully.
    Calculate how much paint you will need, and purchase the necessary tools and materials from an expert paint retailer. Consider where to start and how the job can be done as well as possible. Check the colour by testing the paint on a separate piece of wood.

  3. Use suitable good-quality tools
    Regardless of how good the paint is, you will not get good results with poor tools.

  4. Use appropriate clothing and other protective equipment.

  5. Cover and protect the surrounding from detergent and paint splashes.

  6. Check that the surface to be treated is clean and in good condition.
    Do not overlook pretreatment, otherwise the paint will not adhere to a dirty base or conceal poor-quality priming.

  7. Carefully read the product instructions on the paint can label.
    If in doubt, see our web site for more information.

  8. Work smoothly and carefully.
    Do not try to rush the job with fewer coats of paint that are too thick.

  9. Ensure that the application conditions are suitable.
    If you paint in conditions that are too moist, cold or hot, the paint will not dry and the paint film will not form properly.

  10. Carefully clean the tools

    Use for example Tikkurila Pensselipesu (Brush Cleaner) and dispose of waste paint properly. See the label on the paint can for instructions.